My Favorite Disney Memories:2k19

Disney World truly does hold some of my fondest memories and always will. Even just being there and getting to soak in the gorgeous atmosphere is enough to make me smile. I love the food, the scenery, and of course all the rides. This year I got lucky enough to go with my very best friends! My cheerleading team won a bid to summit so we all got to go to Orlando to compete. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had and I’m so glad I got to share it with my favorite people.

Almost Missing Our Flight

The perfect way to start our vacation!! Haha, we really were running in at the last minute, but hey at least we made it! We didn’t anticipate how long it took to get through TSA (even though we should have known better!) and ended up with just barely enough time to get to our plane.

Getting to Spend Time with My Mom

I love my mom, so much! She really is the best mom in the world, and there is NO debate. That’s why getting to spend some special time with her in Epcot was so much fun and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Getting Friendship Bracelets

Are you really a cute group of friends without matching friendship bracelets?? When I saw these in Epcot, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the park without sitting for at least 30 minutes and picking out the PERFECT bracelet for me and my friends.

Competing at the Buzz Lightyear Ride

I am one of the most competitive people….ever. So, naturally one of my favorite things to do in Magic Kingdom is ride Buzz Lightyear and compete with anyone in my vicinity. Sadly, this year I lost to a 9 year old, but everyone has off days right??

Eating SO MUCH Mickey Food

The amount of food I ate is almost indescribable…. but I will try anyways. I went to the bakery and bought tons of my favorite goodies not just once, but twice! And almost every moment of the day I was thinking about where or what we could eat next. But if you go to Disney World and DON’T think like that, you’re just not my kind of gal.

Screaming like a Fool on Every Ride at Disney

Nothing is better than screaming and yelling like total goofballs with my other silly friends! We yelled and hollered and maybe even sang a few times on so many rides all over Orlando and it was the best <3.

Watching my Team Hit Zero on the Summit Stage

After working so hard to get to Summit, sadly I wasn’t able to perform with the rest of my team for the final performance in Disney. I had an ongoing injury the whole season and it got to be too much to bare a month out from Summit. I really missed getting to walk out with my team, but I’m so thankful that I still got to come and support (and even got to play the music for them!!). Getting to see them at their last performance means so much, even if I lost my voice for a few days.

Getting to see Pandora at Night

Pandora is the most beautiful place in all of Disney World in my opinion. I had gotten to see it last year, but only in the day time. This year, I got to see it at night and it was breathtaking. I tried taking some pictures but they really couldn’t do it justice. We also got to ride flight of passage, which is one of the best rides in the whole theme park. All around an amazing night.

Overall it was an amazing trip, the perfect way to wrap up our cheer season, and a great end to my senior year of high school. I hope one day I can go back with all my favorite people, but until then, I’m glad I have all of these wonderful memories.