My Night Routine

Having a night routine is so important to me. I like to use the time right before bed to relax and get ready for the next day. I really am a creature of habit, so my night routine is a big part of feeling ready to go to bed. My day is really not complete it! I love my night routine so much I just had to share it.

An hour before bed:

About an hour before I’d like to go to bed, I turn on something from Netflix and make sure to fill up my water. Then, I clean up my room for a bit and hang my clothes up for the next day, especially if I am wanting to work out in the morning. I’ve found that I am much more motivated to get in a morning workout if my clothes are sitting out and waiting for me.

The next few things I do are all in preparation for the following day. I try to make a rough plan of what I’m eating the next day, make my to do list, and check my planner for anything on the calendar. This is probably one of the most important parts of my night routine, I like myself to always be prepared for the next day.

30 minutes before bed:

As it gets closer to time for bed, I’ll go wash my face, brush my teeth, take my medicine, all the essential stuff. I also like to do a face mask about this time once a week which seems to help my skin a lot. Then for the last 20 minutes or so I will lay down, watch a little TV, and get on social media for a little bit. If I haveĀ a headache, I’ll also turn on my oil diffuser with some peppermint or lavender oil to help.

Finally, I turn my TV off, set my alarm, take out my contacts, and I’m ready for bed at last! It may seem like a little bit of a process but it’s totally worth it. I always feel so ready to take on a new day and hardly ever stay up late anymore.

What’s your night routine? Let me know in the comments as always!