What’s in My Gym Bag

I think it’s always important to be prepared, especially at the gym. So, I decided to compile all the things I keep in my gym bag and hopefully you’ll find these things as helpful as I do!

-Air Pods: definitely a must have for my gym bag, I hate having to deal with cords when I’m trying to work out, and they never fall out. 

-Headbands: nothing is worse than trying to focus on a workout and having your hair all in your face! Keeping a couple headbands in your bag is always a good idea.

-Water bottle: this is my favorite water bottle by far. When I’m working out, a plastic water bottle just isn’t going to cut it! This water bottle keeps my water cold and has a straw so I don’t have to unscrew it every time I get thirsty. 

-Protein bar: no gym bag is complete without a protein bar, and this one only has 1 gram of sugar, and 20 grams of protein. It tastes great and keeps me full.

-Hair ties: of course, you can never have too many hair ties, so I keep at least 3 or 4 in my bag at all times just in case I need one. 

-Workout gloves: I really hate getting blisters on my hands, so I try to always wear my gloves or at least use some chalk. 

-Inhaler: wouldn’t really get too far without this, so I always keep an extra one right at the top of my bag. 

-Knee brace: I have bad knees, so keeping a brace in my bag makes sure I can have some extra support if I need it.

-Double lacrosse ball: this is one of my favorite massagers! I use it on my arms, legs, and feet anytime they get sore. You can find it on Amazon here.

-Ankle weights: these are great for leg lifts, hip circles, or any kind of hip/glute exercises. 

-Towel: anytime I need to do sit-ups or a floor exercise I like to use this cute towel instead of laying straight onto the ground. It’s also great for wiping stuff down if I get chalk on it. 

-Resistance bands: these are also great for hip and glute exercises, and I love using them to warm up on leg days.

-Stretching strap: using this strap makes it really easy to stretch my hips out before I work out. 

Did I miss anything? What’s in your gym bag? Leave your answers in the comments!