How Losing Weight Can Impact More Than Just Your Appearence

When you think of what’s great about losing weight, you probably think of the obvious: looking skinny! Who doesn’t want to look fit and skinny? When I decided to start losing weight this is what my focus was on too. I looked in the mirror, and decided I wanted to change the way I looked. Now, after losing 20 pounds and starting to feel great about how I look again, I realize that the benefits of losing weight go far beyond how I look in the mirror.

Being in Control

Before I decided to get on top of my fitness and eating habits, I had no self-control. I have struggled with a gluten intolerance for years, but couldn’t bring myself to stop eating those delicious gluten-filled Cheez-its. I had no control over my eating and would instead just ignore every sign my body was giving me to stop eating it! Now, I feel like I practice more self-control than ever before and have no problem having some plantain chips while everyone else enjoys some wheat thins. Eating right isn’t just about losing that weight, it’s about wanting to have control over your life. It’s about knowing that if you decide to have that cupcake, it’s your choice, not a result of binge-eating habits or an addiction to all things sugar!

Being at your Best

After taking control of my physical health, it immediately boosted my confidence, and made me want to work harder at other areas of my life as well. When you feel better about yourself, you want to work harder at everything. I decided that I wanted my inside to be as healthy as my outside, and started a bible study all about the power of our words.

Losing weight ended up being the catalyst I needed to work even harder in school and just get everything in my life lined up again. I am taking better care of my skin, my health, and improved my overall happiness. Losing weight boosts your confidence and helps you to see how awesome you can be!


How has weight loss impacted you?