Why I’m Homeschooled: Part One

There are so many reasons I’m homeschooled, and I think each and every one is worth sharing. So, I’ve decided to start another homeschool series, except this one will be all about why I made the decision to be homeschooled.

My public school experience:

I can’t say I hated public school because I didn’t! I did pretty well in public school actually. My grades were almost all A’s, some B’s. I was in pre-AP classes, honors orchestra, and I had so much fun being around friends all day. But still, it’s undeniable that the public school system does have so serious flaws. I was in half pre-AP classes, so only English and history were advanced classes. I wanted to be in all pre-AP classes but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do as well in math and science as I did in my other classes. It was so hard to find the right difficulty of class to take.


Another problem I encountered was that, unlike homeschooling, in public school, the pace of the class isn’t based on me alone, it’s based on what the whole class needs. If I grasp a subject easily but the rest of the class does not, then they will spend an extra week on it. Or if I don’t understand at all but everyone else does, then we must move on.

One of the final problems I felt in public school was that we weren’t really trying to learn and retain the curriculum. I felt like we were just memorizing, not really learning and understanding. I also felt like we were just being trained to be good test takers, not good students and learners. Our knowledge in school is based on number grades only, not actual comprehension. I feel like now, as a homeschooler, I am taught to learn and understand versus memorizing answers.

Public school just ended up feeling like it just not the right fit for me. I knew IĀ could really strive as a homeschooler.

What do you think?

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