My Summer Bucket List

Summer goes by fast so I’ve got to make the most of it! My goes is to complete my whole summer bucket list this year! These are all the things I want to do before my time is up.


  • Fly kites- I did this one right at the beginning of summer! Me and my boyfriend went to the beach and found a kite store that happened to sell the COOLEST kite ever (I am referencing my guardians of the galaxy kite of course!). It was pretty windy too so we had almost no problems!
  • Have a picnic- I’ve done this one as well. Me and my family packed up a cooler and a picnic basket full of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and anything else we were hungry for and we had a wonderful picnic at a park. We even went hiking afterwards!
  • Make a sandcastle at the beach- Haven’t done this one yet but I’m looking forward to driving down to galveston for a nice beach day!
  • Have a backyard campout-  Well, we TRIED to do this but I would personally describe it as a MASSIVE fail. And that story is so long I’ll have to tell it in another post. I know what you’re thinking, it couldn’t have been THAT bad, but trust me it was.
  • Go night swimming- This is one I’ve done too. It was especially cool because we put glow sticks and light up balloons in the pool to make it extra fun!
  • Play tennis- I haven’t done this one yet either. Tennis seems so fun though and I can’t wait to try it!
  • Go kayaking-This is one I was originally pretty nervous to try but it ended up being so fun! I highly recommend this as a summer MUST do! Paddle boarding is also another one of my favorites!
  • Go bike riding- Really looking forward to this one. I keep waiting for the perfect weather but I need to just go out and do it!
  • Make snow cones- Although I did technically make a snow cone for my brother I did not eat it so I will not yet be counting this one as completed !
  • Go scuba diving-I haven’t done this one yet and even though it makes me a little bit nervous I’m still excited to try it!

This summer is already half way gone and it seems like I still have a lot to do, but I’m determined to check off everything on this list. I hope you enjoyed and have a great summer!