Snag it or skip it: Ogx hair products


My hair is naturally kind of wavy, but I have been looking for a way to get more defined curls so I thought I’d give these products a try! I’ve been using them for a few weeks now and I decided I’d share my thoughts!


The products:

Coconut curls shampoo– I’ve been really loving this shampoo, I see me using this for a very long time! I have to admit sometimes it’s a little difficult to wash out, but I’ll let it slide. I can’t complain if that’s the only criticism I can think of, right?

Coconut curls conditioner– This is definitely my favorite of the four products! It’s so moisturizing and since I brush my hair in the shower, it gets the knots out with no problem.

Coconut curls moisture mousse– This mousse really is what keeps my hair from being a giant frizzy hairball. I also love that is has a very light, bouncy hold versus the hard crispy feeling I sometimes feel with gel.

Moroccan curling perfection defining cream– This product isn’t from the coconut curls line but it might as well be because it fits right in. I use it every single time I want to even try to wear my hair down. Since I have wavy hair, it can sometimes look all over the place with no clear curls. That’s where the defining cream comes in and helps me have more obvious curls.

What are these supposed to do?

I personally bought products meant for curly hair/getting curly hair. There are many other options from the Ogx brand that can do so many different things. These, in particular, are meant to get more defined curls and help with frizziness.

What do they smell like?

Well, to put it simply, they smell AMAZING. Having my hair smell like coconuts is pretty fabulous. The name “coconut curls” sums it up great. The smell isn’t too strong, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. The shampoo and conditioner are especially fragrant, the mousse has a faint coconut smell, and the curl defining cream doesn’t have much of a smell.

Where can you find them?

I found my shampoo and conditioner at Walmart, but I found the cream and mousse at Walgreens!

Snag it or skip it?

Absolutely snag this product up, fast too! I love these and I hope you do too!

What are your thoughts?

Have you tried these products before? Did you love them or hate them? What are your favorite hair care favorites?