How to tease your hair for cheer

Cheer hair can be a real challenge, and finding the right gravity defying product to ensure the correct rat nest can be hard. But after many trials and errors, I think I’ve finally found the trick to the perfect tease. My favorite teasing comb is the ion “Tease In Tangle Out” brush. I found mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $7, it has plastic bristles and makes teasing my hair easy. Before I start teasing, I put my hair in a ponytail and make sure to spray it with some dry shampoo. I use the TRESemme’ volumimzing dry shampoo, though I’m sure any one will work fine. ¬†After the dry shampoo I take a small piece from the bottom of the ponytail, I spray it with the some volumizing hairspray,I use the “NOT YOUR MOTHER’S volumizing hairspray”, and tease the section. When I’m happy with the result I spray it with some strong hold hairspray. My favorite is the TRESemme “Two Spray extra hold” the stronger the hairspray, the better. I then continue to do this to every section of my ponytail, except, the top layer, which I use to cover up the knots.

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The hair products mentioned above


Here are the results of my last competition hair.

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